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Tales From The ZOO [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bernie Berlin

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THE COUNTDOWN HAS BEGUN!!! [Jan. 29th, 2008|10:42 pm]
Bernie Berlin
[mood |hopefulhopeful]

"Every Gathering Across The Nation"
Whether a few on the Porch of a Crossroads store
Or Massed Thousands in a Great Stadium
"Is the Possessor of a Potentially Immeasurable Influence on the Future"
-Dwight D. Eisenhower


Ohhhh, we knew this was coming...
The other charities have stepped it up and if we don't continue to get others to donate, we are going to fall to the back.
They are really gaining steadily..

We need to stay in the top 4 in order to win the grant money and we are close to being moved out of the 2nd place spot, if we are not careful.
Just click HERE to check our placement status.

PLEASE, PLEASE, Spread the word...
I know so, so many of you are out there accosting everyone you know to donate:)
We appreciate your efforts, more than you will ever know!!!

I don't know why but my posts don't show up in full length:(
View the rest of the post here: http://www.aplacetobark.blogspot.com
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Something to Smile About!!! 5 MORE DAYS!! [Jan. 27th, 2008|03:54 pm]
Bernie Berlin
[mood |nervousnervous]

I'm sorry to just put a link in, but for some reason, my posts cut off half way...
Maybe they are just too long:(
But here is the newest post!!!

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There are no words.. [Jan. 21st, 2008|11:28 pm]
Bernie Berlin
[mood |thankfulthankful]

"Love is a force. It is a result; it is a cause. It is not a product; it produces.
It is a power, a power for good, but it is valueless unless it's released."
-Diane Morrissey

I tried to copy and post the entry from my other blog here, to keep everyone in the loop, but it isn't working for some reason, so here is the link:)


Thanks to everyone for spreading the word!!!
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The Heat is ON!!! [Jan. 15th, 2008|12:38 am]
Bernie Berlin
[mood |thankfulthankful]

"Amazing How We Can Light Tomorrow With Today"
-Elizabeth Barrett Browning

UNBELIEVABLE!!! We are now in the Top Five, as of this post!!!!
But the heat is on, the other badges are aware of us and we have to keep asking, begging and trying to get everyone to donate ten dollars.
It has only been 6 days and look at how far we have gotten..
We need to be one of the top four to win the fifty thousand dollars.
We are very close, but still so far away..

I really hate to plead, but truly if you have ever thought about donating, now is the time to do it..
Just think, if you donate and we win, every time you read my blog, you can say to yourself...
It is because of me, because I took the time, to spread the word, to donate, that this shelter was built and that these animals were saved and are alive.

I can't do this alone, I need my friends and all animal lovers to take a part in helping me, help the animals that can't.
So please ask, your brother, sister, friends, family members or a perfect stranger you see with a pet:)
Most love animals and this is for them..
I've learned to swallow my pride and ask for help.. A very hard thing to do sometimes, but it is all for the greater good!!

It makes me sad that we have to compete for this money. All the charities that are trying to win are ALL very important.
No one of us, is any better than the next and I wish in a perfect world, we could all support the charities we love.

I really try not to write too much about all the bad things, that I see, that happen to the animals down here..
Most who read my blog, can't handle to hear about it, just know that they are awful!!! I have seen most first hand.
Gas chambers, puppy mills, shootings, starvation, abuse, you get the horrid picture:(

I try to focus on all great things we do, the fabulous dedicated rescue people I know and network with, the wonderful program we have started and continue to grow with the Anti Cruelty Society in Chicago, and over the past year, have qualified for other programs with Humane Societies elsewhere, that have successful spay and neuter programs.
Not to mention all the great private adoptions we do and the dogs that go to the pure bred rescues we network with!!

Speaking of private adoptions, I just got an e-mail that Lexi is on her dad, Ben's blog with pics of her.. Southern dog, playing in the snow!! Too cute:)
Ben and Jessica adopted Lexi and make cool Recycled Skateboard Furniture.

One of the many great things that could happen if we get the shelter is, we can apply to be in the Rescue Waggin program, sponsored by Pet Smart Charities, so that I wouldn't have to drive so much:)
They would come and pick up the animals from our place!!
Also, I have been dreaming of starting a program that would take in litters of puppies and offer the have the mom's fixed with no costs to the owners.
It just isn't fair to the critters that are born into the world, so we have to be proactive to help stop the needless killing...
All in the future, a dream that may not be too far away..
Hope leads us.. Belief gets us there..

I have become obsessive/compulsive, checking the badge every 5 minutes, as have Claudine and my friend Patsy, who is the donor from the "Zoline Foundation" also..
We are all very excited to have gotten this far and no matter what, will count our blessings, even if we don't win the money.
All we can do is, do our best!!
If you too, have developed this order, sorry.. Maybe an epidemic has been created by the excitement, if you want to catch it too, watch the badges HERE!!

I talked with my friend Traci tonite and she is going to donate a piece of art, one signed book and her DVD Video to our drawing pot. YEAH!! I'm hoping we can do the drawing at CHA when we are all together via a you tube video, so you can be in on it:)

So to Tim, Claudine, Traci and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!
I know by the time this contest is over, you will get sick of hearing me say it, but I truly mean it!!
By spreading the word, the awareness, the love, the good energy and vibes, life gets better for the animals in need..

We took in two new ones today, a little female Beagle, from a cruelty case in our county (who wouldn't sit still for a pic) and a REALLY friendly Chocolate Lab/mix.
Here is his pic from the pound, I will try to post a new pic tomorrow, here at the house.

This sweet girl below came from the Rutherford County PAWS
and is doing GREAT!! She was unsocialized when she left the pound and just really terrified.
Judge for yourself, a picture says a thousand words!!

Still at my vet's office the Critter Clinic, getting over kennel cough. We have newborns here and didn't want to subject them to getting sick.
Everyone there has been working with her and she gave me this smile today...
Thank youPeggy and Mary Ruth for getting her to me!!! She is a doll!!

Let our light shine.. We have only 17 more days to make this miracle happen!!!

(The photo posted at the top of the blog is one of my favorites.. It was taken earlier this year when it was warmer:)
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An Important Chance For: A Place To Bark [Jan. 9th, 2008|11:30 pm]
Bernie Berlin
[mood |hopefulhopeful]
[music |"Bond"]

This is my latest post on my other blog:

"Believe. Receive."
-Stella Terrill

I was just going thru my e-mail and found "Take the Challenge. Change the World".
Six Degrees has partnered with the Case Foundation to invite you to take America's Giving Challenge sponsored by Parade.
It's your chance to get $50,000 for your favorite charity.
How It Works:
The four charity badges with the most unique donations through America's Giving Challenge will get $50,000 for their cause.
America's Giving Challenge runs until January 31st.

WOW!!! Now we do have a Six Degrees badge that we posted last year, and thru that badge, we raised$4,006.00 for "2007".
Now as always I'm behind, they started this contest 3 weeks ago..
But.. I truly, truly, believe in my heart we can do this!!
I just need your help.
In order to win the grant we need to have the most amount of donors, not necessarily the amount of money donated.
The donors will be counted and the amount donated has to be a minimum of ten dollars to qualify.
On a daily basis I know we have over 150 readers, so please if you can donate.
If you are an animals lover and support my efforts, I am asking for your help.
This could make things happen to build a modest shelter, but a much needed one.
I have a youtube video of our place if you haven't seen it.
We are all outdoor and need a building to make things really nice for these animals in need.
Many of the dogs I do keep in my home in the winter.
So if we get this grant, you could watch the shelter being built via this blog.

The other bonus to donating to the badge:
We have created a new badge for "2008" All donations made to my Six Degrees Badge, powered by Network for Good, will be matched by the "Zoline Foundation" up to $25,000.00.
I decided to do it that way so we could all watch. All donations up to June 1st will be counted for the matching donation.
If we all work together, not only could we have a chance to win, but also, the money donated will be matched:)
So your money donated will be double in reality.
I have had to work really hard and prove myself to my animal welfare agencies and my foundations to keep this program going and growing and all the work is paying off.

Now to help, you will have to register with Network for Good to donate.

I know it can be a hassle, but the best thing about it is, you get a receipt for your donation immediately, they keep my bookkeeping accurate and you can also donate to other charities, tons to choose from and track your donations!!
So lots of good comes from this..

We are powerful individuals, as animal lovers and artists!!! We can make a difference together!!!
Help me spread the word via your blogs and groups...
Please post the new badge if would be so kind:)

Tomorrow I will be on the road taking "Chi-Chi" to her new family. My friend "Bella" is meeting me half way, in Chatanooga.
Will take pics Chi-Chi with her new kids, Zoe, Micah & Zane.

I still have to post about my fabulous kids that have been helping the rescued animals, amazing kids!!!
Got back from transporting last Saturday and have been working on the Art Auction. We also have some new faces...

Here are two of the three pups that we took in: Sherman, Lee & Grant are Lab/Hound mixes. All males, approximately 4-6 months of age. They are being treated for ear infections and Lee has mange. All being treated and on the mend.
Love people and full of puppy energy!!

This is one of the four puppies born on New Years day. I haven't named them yet, so if you have any ideas, there are 2 girls and 2 boys. Beagle/Boston Terrier mixes. We were at the vet's office having their dew claws done, when we took this picture.

"Sparky" is a very, very, sweet boy, and a bit shy!!! 5 years old and loves kids!!! He is a long hair Daschund. About 12 pounds.
We are having his teeth cleaned and he is being groomed. Will pick him up from the vet's office on Saturday.

If we are meant to build the shelter then things will work out like they should...
I thank you for reading and will continue believing in a better tomorrow for the animals..
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Happy New Year!! [Jan. 1st, 2008|12:12 pm]
Bernie Berlin
[mood |thankfulthankful]
[music |Josh Groban]

Your mind can focus on fear, worry, negativity, or despair..
Or is can focus on Confidence, opportunity, solutions, optimism and success..
You decide!!
-Don Ward

It's been a long time since I last wrote or posted to my LJ.
I have missed you all and am going to try to post to both blogs...
Here is my latest post from my http://www.aplacetobark.blogspot.com

It is another year...
Eeek, that also means I will be another year older:)
Wrinkle, crinkles and grins!!!
Amazing how time flies..
I remember being in a catholic grade school and staring at the huge clock that hung over the door, wondering how time could go so slow.
The older I get, the faster time seems to go. So much to do and always fighting the clock.

I've learned to accept, that I do, what I can do and try not to focus on what I can't.
If you focus on the negative, it breaks your spirit and clutters your mind.
While the words written sound easy, the actual task of focusing on the moment, doing what you can without guilt, is always a challenge of growth.
Who would have thought at 42 I would still be growing up:) Or better yet, I never thought I would be 42!!!

I remember years past, New Years Eve celebrations, black tie affairs, being full of the holiday spirit so to speak, while dancing the nite away, dinners in my home with our friend and french chef Pierre who always put on a first class meal.
Our house was always full of people, with laughter and smiles all nite long...
Those are memories that will live on in my heart forever and make me smile.
While times have changed, New Years in my heart has not. My life has changed, as all of ours do...
Gone to the dogs!! Happily and joyfully!!
With every season, life is a journey, a path of growth, retrospection, a challenge to better ourselves and become comfortable in our own skin, to love deeper and live richer more spiritually fufilled lives.

The animals have taught me that and you all have taught me, that good does live in the world, that perfect strangers can become your best friends. A love for God's creatures links us together, wanting a better future for each and every animal.
I am very proud to say we have rescued over 400 animals this year!!
I never ever could have done it without your help and your kind words.
Your comments, e-mails, letters and donations have made it possible for me to make a difference for the animals.
I do grow weary & overwhelmed some days, but every comment and kind word helps to recharge me to go on..
We all do our part, each and every one of us, acts of kindness that go beyond the season, teaching your children that animals are living creatures that need us, educating them to be the responsible pet owners of the future and why they should never buy a dog from a puppy store, when there are so many that need to be rescued.
I thank each and every one of you that read my blog and have been with me on this journey, you are my Angels!!

As we go into "2008" I plan on slowing down just a bit, to rest myself and get caught up on year end things, my art auction which I have been wanting to get up and running, I'm hoping for February to have everything listed.

I will be going to CHA in February and will also be attending a seminar at the same time at the Helen Woodward Foundation

This is where my art and the animals can work hand in hand, my traveling enables me to do more, learn more and in time have my shelter built. I soooo need a shelter here on the property, but for now we'll do the best we can.
The "Zoline Foundation" which is my primary sponsor has agreed to do a matching grant for "2008" to help us with our shelter. So I'm really excited about that, more details to come..

I also have cut my teaching schedule down, to pratically nothing for the year, but need the time to work on writing my new books, magazine articles and making ornaments.
While my lifestyle traveling sounds fun, it is exhausting being on the road so much, I need to work on finding some balance this year. I will miss going to Cortona Italy to teach and Art Unraveled, but I just can't do it all..
"2009" I will plan on getting back on the road teaching, but for this year I am going to try to slow down a bit, if that is possible:)

I know many of you have also asked about Jeff. He has been very ill this past year and every day life is a struggle for him.
He is a huge help, sitting with and working with, the frightened, unsocialized animals who need one on one attention.

This little guy is "Dugan" he is a male Maltese. Poor darling is probably one of the worst matting , flea and tick infestation cases I have ever seen.
We had to sedate him to groom. It was very painful, but it's done now. He looks and feels so much better as you can tell!! Only about a year to 2 years old, he is love starved and will need some clothes for a bit.

These cuties are "Woody" & "Pearl". Funny Pugs!! How can you not love Pugs, they just make you smile:)
Pearl is female approximately 4-5 and Woody is male approximately 7-9 years of age. Great with kids, other animals and love everyone!!

These two beautiful purebred Border Collies are soooo sweet, but very shy and scared. They truly stole my heart..
I spent New Years Eve at the pound. The picture at the top of the page and the two below were taken at the pound.
They are going to keep these guys for me till I get back from my transport on Thursday. They came from a breeder who deemed them unworkable dogs and left them at the pound to be put to sleep. I have heard from others that his training techniques are one of a heavy hand and what many would consider abusive. I just find it sad that time after time I find his dogs at the pound, to be put to sleep because they won't work livestock. I know many a city dweller that would love a non working Border Collie. Actually I have a couple of Border Collies from this same breeder who are living in Chicago and doing very well.

This is "Jilly" she is a female, approximately 2-3 years of age.

This is "Jongo". Male approximately 2-3 years of age.

This is "CeeCzar" he is a male Hound Mix. Approximately 8-10 weeks old. Busy, smiley and lots of spunk!!

These are the three Amigas. Too funny these girls are approximately 10-12 weeks old. Pit Bull/Lab/Hound mixes.
Sweet and loving!! Don't let those stories about the bully breeds scare you. It is all in how much time you put into the dogs and the training they receive. Too precious for words.

This is "Sparrow" a female Shihtzu/Maltese Mix, the best we can figure. 8 pounds, approximately 1-3 years of age.
Alpha in personality. She loves her owners, but is very fearful of new people. Fine with cats, no small children please.

These little guys are Shepherd/chow/mixes. Fun and loving, we also have their mom. 8-10 weeks old.
Yes, I know.. Not the most flatter photo, tried to cut most of me out. But I was pretty sick, so hence the jammies and hoodie:)

There are so many more here, but I just never can find the time to post all the pictures..
I will be on the road Thursday to Chicago to transport and will be back in Tennessee on Saturday.
A stop in Wisconsin on Friday to deliver some cats to my friend Debbie and to get an over due haircut.
Also, to stop in and discuss plans with my friend Kim Nugent about her upcoming art retreat in October of "2008".
Gotta run, tons to do..

But please if you read my blog, post a comment so I can view your blogs when I get a moment.
I know many of you read from all over the world. I am amazed and wonder how you found me...
I want to try to get to know many of you that read, for I am flattered that you visit us here!!

I wish you all the BEST Life possible for "2008"!! May all your wishes and dreams come true..
Lets keep fighting for the animals and looking for the day that all adoptable animals are adopted and not needlessly put to sleep.
Love and Light to you all,
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Belated Christmas Wish [Dec. 27th, 2007|12:44 pm]
Bernie Berlin
[mood |sicksick]

I'm a great believer in luck, and I find that the harder I work, the more I have of it...
-Thomas Jefferson

Where do I start..
First off, I want to wish each and every one of you that read my blog a belated Christmas Wish..
A wish of love, happiness and joy to you and all your loved ones. That you count your blessings and cherish your moments.
May all your dreams and wishes come true..

Just a little update...
I got to Boston and all the animals were delivered to their new homes. I then got really sick. Cold, Flu, Sinus infection and now Pneumonia. I couldn't drive home and spent Christmas there. As yucky as I felt, it was truly wonderful seeing several of my animals in their new homes Christmas Eve. I have had several reports and all are doing great.
It was bitter/sweet in a way, my travels with the animals took me away from home and my loved ones this holiday season.
But I have to believe I was where I was suppose to be...
I have the best friends in the world, they took great care of me and I'll have a wonderful memory of a New England Christmas!!

Gwen & Nettie wrote me a letter, thanking me for their new home. They were quite the hit of the Christmas Eve party. Mingling with everyone and Suzi had to keep an eye on them, for everyone wanted to take them home.

Merlin & Majick are having fun following their new parents around, demanding attention and getting into all kinds of mischief.

JoVee is have a great time with her new owners, their kids and her sis Spaz.
I wonder if she has a Red Sox jacket yet:)

Scooter had a bit of an adjustment to the snow, he wouldn't go poop for 36 hours. Poor guy, being a southern dog, he would run out, see 18 inches of snow and then run back in.. He finally went:) But never once had an accident.
He now is doing his duty no problem, of course wearing his winter coat.

And Lexi is walking nature trails every morning with her new dad.
So all is truly wonderful for them and I will get to see all these guys again!!

I just got back yesterday, spent most of my day running around getting my animals from the vet clinic and checking in with our animal controls. Took in a few more today..
I will be getting ready to transport next Thursday and then I will need to rest a bit. This pneumonia is kicking my butt:(
I haven't been sick like this in years..

We have gotten some wonderful gifts and this is one of two beds donated. As you can tell they really love these Coolaroo beds!!
Thank you Cheryl!!

This is our Super Darling, Sweet "Hazel". She is going to have her last heart worm treatment this week and then will be up for adoption. Great dog, loves people, smart, housebroken and loves sleeping in bed. She is a Beagle/Cattle Dog mix.
Approximately 3 years old, about 35 pounds.

"Pong" is a Siamese male. Approximately 2-3 years old. He was mauled by a dog and the animal control officer called me to see if I could help this poor guy. We tried to save his leg, but the damage was too extensive and it had to be amputated.
He is sooooo loving and talks alot. Mister purr machine is doing well, adjusting to his surgical procedure.
It will be about 3 weeks before he is ready for adoption, but we are taking applications for him now.

This is "Pepper". She is a female Cocker Spaniel, approximately 3-4 years of age. Great dog, loving temperament!!
Loves to play ball. Fantastic with people and dogs.

"Harvey" is Pepper's pup. He is 7 weeks old and total cuteness!! I did not have his tail done, so he will have a long tail. I just can't bring myself to dock pups tails. I figure whoever adopts him will love him tail and all!!

"Yam" is just the coolest!! Male, Corgi/Beagle mix. Approximately 2 years of age. Super busy and loving!!

"Chi-Chi" is a female Chihuahua mix. She will be going to Georgia to my sweet friend Bella.

Last but not least, these darling German Shepherd pups. Ingrid is a female approximately 10 weeks old.
Smart and busy, busy, busy!!

"Hugo" is a male, German Shepherd, approximately 10 weeks old. Laid back and loving.

In the next few entries, I need to post some thank you notes, to some Amazing kids, and to those of you that made donations to "A Place To Bark" this holiday season.
The time has really gotten away from me.
We have taken in so many animals that I didn't even get to put up any decorations, no Christmas tree, presents or cards.
I'm not sad though, we saved many animals this season and made many people's Christmas wonderful, with new furry family members:)

More news to come, but for now I need to get some shut eye...
Much Love to you all...
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Art Auction is LIVE!! [Mar. 21st, 2007|09:59 am]
Bernie Berlin
[mood |busybusy]

Art by: Patricia Anders

I've moved my blog and I haven't been here much..
I miss being here, but have been so busy with the animals and have felt so guilty about not keeping up with friends and responding to comments.
The other blog is: http://www.aplacetobark.blogspot.com
or my art blog: http://www.bernieberlin.blogspot.com

I wanted to let you know that our art auction is live with new items being listed every day, everything is just so AMAZING!! Take a peeK!!

I dream of the day when it slows a little and I can take time do more art with friends..
Much Love to you all..
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My Christmas Gift.. "NOEL" [Dec. 25th, 2006|08:55 am]
Bernie Berlin
[mood |hopefulhopeful]

This is a serious tissue warning..
This is an emotional post, but a very heartfelt and WILL be a very happy ending...
Please keep this in mind and read on..
This past week has been one of non stop, every minute of my days, has been filled with animals and emotions.
I have been to the pound many days this past week. They were filled to capacity, like I've never seen it before.
As I passed the kennels, looking into each animal's eyes, nothing could prepare my heart, for the little red dog I was about to see..
She meekishly looked at me, her tail thumping the ground and her eyes pleading for a home to love her..
I could not move, I lowered myself to my knees and started to sob..
((I've been crying for days))
She had no ears..
Scars of new and old, all over her body and she is just a baby..
In more pain than I could ever imagine, she still could wag her tail.
Well, she has become my Christmas Gift.
Her name is "Noel" and has become a lesson in love, a memory that will never be forgotten.

Our best guess, judging by the extent of her injuries is that she was used as a bait dog.
If you are not familiar with the term, it's a dog that is use to train other dogs to fight.
Whatever the case this poor baby has had a hard life of pain..
She has old injuries, months old all over her body that have healed and new ones, open and full of infection.
She spent the nite at the vet, her first nite and is home with me now.
We're giving her lots of love and she's being medicated with lots of antibiotics.
It will take her time to heal but she is more than willing to love everyone she comes in contact with!!!
Very afraid of other dogs, that may be something she may not get over, but only time will tell.
She Loves to go for car rides and is very well behaved in the car.
If anyone would like to make her a hat with ears, I'm sure it will help boost her self confidence.
I think she is beautiful with or without ears!!!

I'm learning many things as I travel this journey with the animals..
They teach me so much about life and unconditional love.
As much as I want to blame, point fingers, get angry at the world, I've learned it's all wasted energy.
I let it go and live in the moment.
Blame is so easy, forgiveness is hard..
What I've learned is. to focus my energies on what I can do..
How I can make the future of these animals better.
The stories read here on this blog, prove that we all can make a difference together, each one of us doing our part.
You who read, who care, who love are all a part of this journey and with the intention of love that we all share and send out to the world, change will happen.. I believe this with all my heart.
Not fast enough, but we cannot ever give up hope.. Someday, things will be different and the world will be a better place..

So with this thought, I send out to all of you,
Blessings of Love and Light this Holiday Season..
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More New at The Zoo... [Dec. 25th, 2006|08:54 am]
Bernie Berlin
[mood |sleepysleepy]

More new faces here!!
I couldn't get past the feelings that these guys needed a Christmas Miracle, a place to call home.
Such great dogs, I couldn't let them be put to sleep...
We are full to capacity, (what else is new:)
The great news is that, they will all be leaving for Humane Societies in Chicago and Wisconsin on January 4th.
So till then I will be going non stop day and nite caring for everyone.
If you are waiting on e-mail from me, please accept my apology for being tardy but these guys come first..

After the New Year I am going to try to take a break.
We are financially tapped and I'll need to work on our fund raising.
It's been a great year and we've saved almost 400 lives!!
So Thank you all again from the bottom of my heart:)

"Astro" is a male Husky/Briard mix. Approximately 1-2 years of age, he is very loving, energetic and gets along with other dogs. High energy and active, he does not like being alone and would do best in an active household!!

"Ellie" is a female, 4 year old Bassett Hound. Loving and sweet, she is looking for a home that would pamper & spoil her.
Loves kids and sleeping in bed with you...

"Bongo" is a male, chocolate lab, approximately 8 years old. He is sweet, loving and just looking for a place to call home the rest of his days.. He is housebroken and knows basic commands.

"Zoey" & 2 pups. She is a female, Australian Shepherd. Approximately 1-2 years of age.
Timid at first, but once warmed up she doesn't leave your side. Starved for affection, she is looking for that household that will give her lots of one on one loving!!
I haven't had a chance to take some nice pics of her, this one was taken at the pound.
She is out of there and here now with her two babies. I'll take some better pics in a day or so..
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