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Bernie Berlin

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The Heat is ON!!! [Jan. 15th, 2008|12:38 am]
Bernie Berlin
[mood |thankfulthankful]

"Amazing How We Can Light Tomorrow With Today"
-Elizabeth Barrett Browning

UNBELIEVABLE!!! We are now in the Top Five, as of this post!!!!
But the heat is on, the other badges are aware of us and we have to keep asking, begging and trying to get everyone to donate ten dollars.
It has only been 6 days and look at how far we have gotten..
We need to be one of the top four to win the fifty thousand dollars.
We are very close, but still so far away..

I really hate to plead, but truly if you have ever thought about donating, now is the time to do it..
Just think, if you donate and we win, every time you read my blog, you can say to yourself...
It is because of me, because I took the time, to spread the word, to donate, that this shelter was built and that these animals were saved and are alive.

I can't do this alone, I need my friends and all animal lovers to take a part in helping me, help the animals that can't.
So please ask, your brother, sister, friends, family members or a perfect stranger you see with a pet:)
Most love animals and this is for them..
I've learned to swallow my pride and ask for help.. A very hard thing to do sometimes, but it is all for the greater good!!

It makes me sad that we have to compete for this money. All the charities that are trying to win are ALL very important.
No one of us, is any better than the next and I wish in a perfect world, we could all support the charities we love.

I really try not to write too much about all the bad things, that I see, that happen to the animals down here..
Most who read my blog, can't handle to hear about it, just know that they are awful!!! I have seen most first hand.
Gas chambers, puppy mills, shootings, starvation, abuse, you get the horrid picture:(

I try to focus on all great things we do, the fabulous dedicated rescue people I know and network with, the wonderful program we have started and continue to grow with the Anti Cruelty Society in Chicago, and over the past year, have qualified for other programs with Humane Societies elsewhere, that have successful spay and neuter programs.
Not to mention all the great private adoptions we do and the dogs that go to the pure bred rescues we network with!!

Speaking of private adoptions, I just got an e-mail that Lexi is on her dad, Ben's blog with pics of her.. Southern dog, playing in the snow!! Too cute:)
Ben and Jessica adopted Lexi and make cool Recycled Skateboard Furniture.

One of the many great things that could happen if we get the shelter is, we can apply to be in the Rescue Waggin program, sponsored by Pet Smart Charities, so that I wouldn't have to drive so much:)
They would come and pick up the animals from our place!!
Also, I have been dreaming of starting a program that would take in litters of puppies and offer the have the mom's fixed with no costs to the owners.
It just isn't fair to the critters that are born into the world, so we have to be proactive to help stop the needless killing...
All in the future, a dream that may not be too far away..
Hope leads us.. Belief gets us there..

I have become obsessive/compulsive, checking the badge every 5 minutes, as have Claudine and my friend Patsy, who is the donor from the "Zoline Foundation" also..
We are all very excited to have gotten this far and no matter what, will count our blessings, even if we don't win the money.
All we can do is, do our best!!
If you too, have developed this order, sorry.. Maybe an epidemic has been created by the excitement, if you want to catch it too, watch the badges HERE!!

I talked with my friend Traci tonite and she is going to donate a piece of art, one signed book and her DVD Video to our drawing pot. YEAH!! I'm hoping we can do the drawing at CHA when we are all together via a you tube video, so you can be in on it:)

So to Tim, Claudine, Traci and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!
I know by the time this contest is over, you will get sick of hearing me say it, but I truly mean it!!
By spreading the word, the awareness, the love, the good energy and vibes, life gets better for the animals in need..

We took in two new ones today, a little female Beagle, from a cruelty case in our county (who wouldn't sit still for a pic) and a REALLY friendly Chocolate Lab/mix.
Here is his pic from the pound, I will try to post a new pic tomorrow, here at the house.

This sweet girl below came from the Rutherford County PAWS
and is doing GREAT!! She was unsocialized when she left the pound and just really terrified.
Judge for yourself, a picture says a thousand words!!

Still at my vet's office the Critter Clinic, getting over kennel cough. We have newborns here and didn't want to subject them to getting sick.
Everyone there has been working with her and she gave me this smile today...
Thank youPeggy and Mary Ruth for getting her to me!!! She is a doll!!

Let our light shine.. We have only 17 more days to make this miracle happen!!!

(The photo posted at the top of the blog is one of my favorites.. It was taken earlier this year when it was warmer:)

[User Picture]From: markmc03
2008-01-15 07:13 am (UTC)
Bernie. You do such amazing work with these animals. If I find a job soon, I'll be sure to jump in with a donation. I hope you find all the donors you need to succeed! Fingers crossed for you.
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[User Picture]From: tahlulah
2008-01-15 01:54 pm (UTC)
That top photo is just so ... happy! It makes me smile. Who cant smile when surrounded by puppies, eh?

I too will keep my fingers crossed for you guys to meet your goal!!! Good luck!!
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[User Picture]From: veryjenn
2008-01-15 02:33 pm (UTC)
You're an awesome human being -- a one of a kind, definitely.
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[User Picture]From: hartsong1972
2008-01-15 03:33 pm (UTC)
The work you do makes the world a much more loving and beautiful place.
I've just been to the Network for Good site and made a small donation. I wish I could do more, maybe can again after I get paid.
Best of luck!XXXXX
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[User Picture]From: bayarts
2008-01-15 03:47 pm (UTC)
FYI, I just clicked on the "donate" button and nothing happened.
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From: lisavollrath
2008-01-15 11:28 pm (UTC)
Click twice---once to activate the Flash, and again to get to the link.
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From: lisavollrath
2008-01-15 03:49 pm (UTC)
Bernie, I'll send this out to my newsletter subscribers on Sunday, and see if they can help you move up another notch :)
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[User Picture]From: athenagrey
2008-01-15 05:02 pm (UTC)

Thanks for posting on LJ again. It's good to be reminded how one person can make a difference. You certainly do!

I sent you a donation in honor of my cat Amber's fourteenth birthday. Thanks to you, so many dogs have a chance of celebrating their birthdays in loving families.

Hugs and purrs,

Amber Tigerflower & Trish
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